Interior Design

Design Studio S & G - alliance of talented creative people who are creating and realize original and imaginative interior design projects, characterized by a special delicacy of style and harmony. While creating each interior design, our experts are always repelled by the preferences and requirements of the customer, combining them with the latest trends in design industry.

Our team offers development of the interior design of any buildings: apartments, houses, cottages, offices and restaurants. We design and create a unique architectural design projects, carefully and meticulously follow their implementation. Beginning with the first sketch strokes, finishing furniture and decoration, we are stay close to the customer, and make sure that the result is fully consistent with the idea conceived and developed by the project. Turning to us, you get a full list of design, design, construction and repair work, which consists of several stages of labor.

First developed the future planning of the interior. Specialists of the premises after the measurements offer several options for planning. At this stage there is close contact with the customer, who chooses the final version of the layout of the room. The second step is the development of stylistic solutions of the future interior. We make clear example (sketches on paper, computer-based visualization), which also must be approved by the customer.

After two stages passed, begins the third and perhaps the most responsible and difficult stage, developing technical documentation (drawings and plans), according to which will be implemented all kinds of work. The next stage of our team is supervision. This is a required step, which includes the direct participation of the developer interior, which ensures that all the work was carried out according to plan and meet both technical documentation and customer requirements.

The last stage of work is construction and repair work. At this stage, the work included a team of highly specialized professionals with responsibility for implementation of all phases of construction, repair and finishing.

Benefits of cooperation with our design studio are obvious: you get a complete set of design services, we perform a complete list of all work with you and enjoy the result of our work. Every interior design is born like a child, originally hatched the idea, then there is the birth of a design project. As a caring and loving parents watching the growth of your baby our experts will carefully monitor the implementation of each phase of work.

Design Studio S & G is the best team of professionals working in the capital market. Turn to us we do not share our customers due to material and class attributes, we appreciate every project. After all, the interior design for us is not just a job, but a way of self-realization and creativity.